Welcome to the Montana Secretary of State's centralized voter file service.

The Secretary of State provides extracts of public information from the statewide voter registration system. Because the statewide system is a live system, data changes from hour to hour, day to day, etc. as county election officials are entering and updating information. Similarly, numbers may change based on voter moves and other updates. Each extract is static information that is current as of the time the extract is pulled. Records from this database are available for purchase and are for non-commercial use only.

Using this valuable service, you may:
  • Customize a file of voters by your criteria, such as county, district, etc.;
  • Files will be generated and you will be emailed a link to your files shortly (depending on the final size of the files);
  • Pay for your file by credit or debit card; or
  • Become a subscriber. Please find out more detail here.